Asking the Right Questions

Photo by Camylla Battani

The way we express ourselves does impact our relationships but most importantly it impacts our mood and attitude towards problems and failure. In challenging times do you tend to blame or find a way to turn the situation in your favor? If something is outside of your control do you simply get frustrated or do you have the ability to detach and take control over your reality?

Having a bouncy mind really means being able to adjust to whatever comes your way and for that to happen you need to start with questions that put you in a position of power. If you ask ‘Why am I always so clumsy’ rather than ‘How can I improve’ you are embarking on two different paths. One is giving into the loop of habit, while the second lifts you above the issue and allows you to give yourself constructive feedback.

Asking the right question sets us up for success. If the question is ‘How can I get a raise’ rather than ‘How can I build myself up for success’, we will notice the first approach has limitations while the second one not only focuses on the process rather than the event, but it removes the assumption that success equals a raise. What is the one question that might change your life for the best? I’d be interested to know in the comments section below.

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