Dream High and Make it Happen

Photo by Andrey Larin

Events are as important as what we make of them. It may be anniversaries, paydays or waking up every morning, none of it matters unless we believe and make it so.

But while there are events that come naturally every year, the events that we can make happen take a lot of work. Weddings for instance are a great example of a long-term project, the processes involved and everything being displayed into one grand ceremony. It is similar with the launch of a product or a service, but we often don’t see that as an alternative to obeying the 9-5 and we’re thinking that other people have more … (fill in the blank) at their disposal to make it happen. Well, think again. If you have time to plan a wedding in parallel with a 9-5 job, which surprisingly many people do, what’s stopping you from following your dream?

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On a journey to overcome self-imposed limitations.

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