Letting Go of Things Helps Healing Old Wounds

Photo by Anna Kolosyuk

We sometimes find ourselves in a place in our life that prevents growth. It might not have a dramatic impact on our overall wellbeing, but it certainly manifests in particular areas of our lives.

Have a look at relationships that left you a strong negative impression. Regardless of who was right and who was wrong, now is a good time let go of it. By allowing negative feelings to persist, you’re giving power to people who might no longer be part of your life. Choose to let go for your own wellbeing.

How to Break Through the Idea Stage

Photo by Jorge Saavedra

Breaking the idea stage doesn’t take much. It takes sharing. Sharing your thoughts and intentions with others in good faith. Trusting that through other people your idea will be complete.

When looking for a solution to an issue that you have it’s natural to assume that others might go through the same situation. But assumptions are not the equivalent to the reality.

Feedback nurtures growth. Challenging someone’s beliefs is just as important as acceptance. Dare to share your ideas and you will notice more depth and insight. You will access the Universal Knowledge.

How to Escape the Bubble of Our Own Existence

We base our reality on assumptions that have been confirmed often enough to become our perceived reality. All assumptions are false to a certain degree, which means that reality as we know it is debatable. What we assume that is socially acceptable today might change ‘tomorrow’. The change doesn’t really happen overnight, we stop checking in with the outside world. The assumption has then become belief.

Beliefs keep us sane. Imagine living in a continuous state of unknown – we wouldn’t have headspace for anything else but making sense of the world. What we need to admit to ourselves is that we are not superior to other beings because of our perceived sense of reality.

We can manifest intelligence by being aware that our reality keeps us anchored without needing the world to conform to our views. Then we can be welcoming of other views without thinking that we risk the sense of security that our own perspective gives us in life.