What Do We Tell Ourselves in Bed at Night?

Photo by Kevin Escate

You are getting all cozed-up after a long day of work and growth, with a cup of tea in one hand and a book in the other. Or maybe you just went straight to bed, fallen flat on your tummy and let sleep take over. Either way, we are about to get our system rebooted. But the data that we input last will be picked up first in the morning. A bit of an irony when you think about an orderly lineup in processing information.

We can give ourselves the opportunity to be bright and excited next day by introducing three simple practices in our evening routine:

  1. Detach from work through a buffer activity – yoga, meditation, reading, listening to music or a nice bath
  2. Be thankful for what you’ve achieved, kindness, love and health
  3. Visualize yourself succeeding, being accomplished, making the difference you want to make into the world and add some descriptions of who you want to become – powerful, in control, creative, committed

Paying attention for ten minutes to our thoughts today and stirring them into the direction we want to go to will have a great impact on the next day and the next day and the next day. Our future is now.

Affirmations for HEalth Overrunning Worrying Thoughts

Photo by Ruben Hutabarat 

We all deal with uncertainty differently, but we all find it difficult. Indulging in fear and anxiety invites uncertainty. As challenging as it is, we would benefit greatly from using our imagination and inner talk in a positive way.

Mental scenarios of health can take a lot of focus. How can we imagine a reality where the immediate crisis is unknown? We start with our hopes and prayers. For a long time I doubted prayers, but I now come to understand that prayers are not favors asked, but affirmations.

Take a deep breath. A world awaits to be shaped and everything starts with calm.

Ethical Decisions in Challenging TImes

Photo by Samuel Austin

We are sometimes faced with decisions that can impact not only our wellbeing, but the wellbeing of the people around us. We might be making just as many decisions as before, but now we are dragged into the now and forced to project over the infinite of possibilities.

Responsible decision making is one side of the story, whilst worry is the hidden part that doesn’t serve anyone. For days now I am forcing myself to cultivate positive practices of visualization and affirmations. We generate thoughts that feed into a greater narrative, we might as well make them representative of our wants, rather than our fears.

An ethical decision might be not to give into fear. Looking after a loved one. Inspiring people to find humanity in chaos. We have great power within that transcends from the immaterial world into the physical world. Lets make the immaterial a copy of the reality that we envision and increase our chances for our physical world to transform into what we imagined.

The Power of What You Can’t Control

Photo by Dan Gold

I’ve let peace settle in today in a situation that usually would cause me annoyance, to say the least. It wasn’t a day any different that yesterday or the day before, and yet I had the ability to look at the beginning of an emotion and smile.

This incredible superpower came unexpectedly but looking back I can appreciate actions I took to build myself up for that moment. Here are some things that come into mind:

  • affirmations of self-worth (many reactions are cause by our own insecurities)
  • reading on Mindset (by Dr Carol S Dweck)
  • reflection
  • clarifying my goals
  • practicing gratitude

All these practices compound into one moment that could have turn a good day into a bad one if I allowed it to. Give yourself the power to accept what is not within your control and you’ll save yourself high amounts of negative energy.

Affirmations for Positive Thinking that May or May Not Make You a Millionaire

Photo by Freshh Connection 

A great way to interrupt a negative pattern is to find a way that snaps you out of it. Negative thinking, negative self-talk or purely painful imaginary scenarios will go away. Their a choice. You know those I am affirmations on YouTube? Well, those work for me.

Any tendency to complain about something or to allow myself falling into boredom is wiped clean by some words of kindness. And that’s what affirmations are: a way to embrace to good within you, which – like it or not – you’ve got plenty of.

Say hi! A good life awaits, you just have to live it.