Am I Worthy?

Photo by Joe Pregadio

For generations we were made to feel less of a person for wanting more. Aspirations that our inner circle couldn’t achieve were buried alive. Overgrowing those around us led to negative projections from the community and the verdict was most of the times the same: they’ve achieved this much because of unethical work or privileged upbringing.

With all this luggage to carry we unconsciously limit ourselves and put a cap on our dreams. If despite all odds we’re on our way to success, all that negativity might lead to us questioning not only our ability, but our merit and eligibility in achieving success.

Things to remember:

  1. Success is a reflection of work, failure, learning and growth
  2. We are all worthy of success. Saying the opposite is like saying ‘We don’t deserve to work, fail, learn and grow’
  3. Being worthy might not be a characteristic that everyone agrees with, but success cannot be contested.

How to Stay on Course and Follow Through with Your Ideas

Beautiful mistakes do happen, but how do we get our focus back after we’ve been off course for a bit?

Here is where journaling comes in handy. I always thought that the idea of a journal is to complain. It wasn’t until recently when I started dipping into self-help literature that I understood how powerful journaling can be if used right. You’ll most likely experience:

  • clarity of your thoughts and processes
  • a sense of accomplishment by measuring yourself against who you were yesterday and the day before
  • gratitude for the abundance in your life
  • a consistent vision of the future

Things can change, but there’s nothing holding us back from holding on to our dreams and aspirations. I have recently reinvented the wheel in terms of my vision for the future. While it’s exciting that I ended up wanting to explore the same route, it’s amazing how I forgot completely that that was the plan all along. You have a strong image of what you want to achieve? Write it down – may it be a journal, a piece of paper or a window, write it down where you can see it.

‘We can do everything we want in life, but we can’t do it all at the same time’

Tim Ferriss

So if you get ambushed and enthusiastic by dozens of ideas running through your mind, take a deep breath and remember: you’ve got time. Take out your idea book and keep on working on what you’re doing now. And when the time comes to move on to the next venture you’ll have plenty of ideas to choose from. Meanwhile, stay creative.