Start Mondays with a Smile

Photo by Hybrid

Every day is another chance to make a move and decide to put in a bit of extra effort towards what you want to achieve. And yet, we associate Mondays or workdays with lower mood after an intense weekend.

Blue Monday earned its recognition for being the day when the rates of suicide are skyrocketing. That is the third Monday in January which was a week ago. There is a combination between the limited liberty that Mondays remind us of and the abrupt transition from a quiet two days into what feels like a busy week, rather than a busy day.

Mental sanity on Mondays

Mental health is often times within our control. On Mondays we can remind ourselves about the things we have to look forward towards the week. Despite its bad fame, Monday is our ally. It reminds us of a cycle that has familiarity, but just like anything else, it’s a cycle we can break.

If it is work flexibility or overall freedom that we want, there are options. Those options might be different for each one of us and it takes self-development to see what’s best for you. But don’t limit yourself to what institutions and employers told you that you can and can’t do. Use the template of your life as an anchor habit and build around it. Build excitement, passion, knowledge. These attributes will transfer over in challenging situations, as part of a challenging day or week ahead.

Wanting to skip the work week and dive straight into the weekend will rob you from time to grow and learn. Every second you have the power to shift your reality. Take a look at your life as a whole and get to work.