Self-Discipline for MEssy People: Why Is It So Hard

Photo by Maarten van den Heuvel 

As much as we like to find excuses in how busy we are or how challenging our life is, personally I still sometimes find myself stuck in the loop of nonproductive behavior.

Keeping track of every move we make is tiring on its own, but people who have made considerable progress in their area of interest have done so by measuring progress. We celebrate birthdays and a new year not just for the opportunity to party, but because we can look back at how far we came.

Tracking progress weekly does add meaning to the one year milestones we’ve set. It helps us stay on track and if binge-watching Netflix for a week is a poor use of time, imagine what it means doing so for a full year. Time to get our house in order. What is the one thing you want to focus on? By setting a priority discipline will naturally follow.

Keeping Pine Trees in the Forest or How to Manage Christmas Expectations

Christmas is often a big deal. If not to us, then to someone who means a great deal to us. If the story of Santa and the magic around traditions didn’t convince you by now to get all jolly during this time of the year, here are some things you can do to ‘do you’ this Christmas.

  1. Keep Christmas Gifts to a Minimum. Gifts often make people feel like they owe something to the person giving them the gift. They also add a lot of pressure on both sides. Have conversations with the people you care about – ‘Hey, are you doing gifts this year? Because I’m … lacking inspiration / saving up for something else / I would much rather have us enjoy a meal together than doing a gift’. This might bring more value to your lives.
  2. Be Precious with Your Time. Just because this is historically a family holiday it doesn’t mean you should sacrifice your own wellbeing to please other people. The feeling of love in a family is independent from a day once a year that pushes us into it. It’s okay to come together, have a meal, a laugh and a good time in any other day of the year.
  3. Preserve your energy. Big gatherings can take a lot of energy due to overeating, overdrinking, oversocialising and allowing no time for recovery. Time off around Christmas is for the celebration itself. If you’re going back to work exhausted or you’ve focused more on pleasing others than recharging maybe it’s time to pace yourself this Christmas.

Wishing you steady holidays!