Are You Working for Your Dreams or for Other People’s Dreams?

Photo by Andrik Langfield

Every now and then the time comes to face the way things fall into place in our lives. This can be caused by the way we are treated or by seeing things that we wish we can fix and we feel like we don’t have the power to do it. When we look around us and the way we live our life is not a reflection of our aspirations or of the road that will take us there, it’s time to reassess where we’re standing and who we truly serve.

Serving a purpose is different from being a tool in someone’s toolkit. Due to market changes and our own perceived needs, we often jump at the first chance we get. Saying no to opportunity is part of the process of discovering and/or creating opportunities that allow us to grow towards fulfilling our true potential.

Building ourselves up towards fulfilling our dreams is more likely to help us live a life of purpose and a life of no regrets. Stand up for yourself. Serve a purpose you chose.

Are All Opportunities Worth Pursuing?

Photo by Markus Spiske

The rational answer is ‘no’, but our natural instinct often says otherwise. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves in making sure that we don’t miss out on opportunities. If you’re at the early stages in creating a business, the culture of many entrepreneurs can be hard work rather than smart work.

Think about how much more effective would be to work those extensive hours on smart work. Every human interaction is an opportunity to learn, but the lesson might at times be that you’d like to do things differently. Learn from other people’s burnout before experiencing it yourself and understand that long hours at a low productivity rate are counterproductive.

The more opportunities we pursue, the more we increase our chance of success. If we can’t put in much effort into any of these chances, we are at risk of covering too much ground with too little attention to detail. Knowing our limitations means that we can turn our assets into great advantages.

Taking Chances

Photo by Clark Young

It is not all that risky. Missing out on opportunities because of how we might feel as a result of them is what it sounds like: a missed opportunity. Opportunities are not only to succeed are fail, they’re opportunities to learn.

Have you ever wanted to do something badly and then concluded that you don’t have enough time to perfect it? And by time, I don’t mean a full day, but years of progress. Except that when we are harsh on ourselves we think in the now. We see that we couldn’t finish a puzzle in a day or learn a language in a week and we assume that this is it – the more we try, the more we set ourselves up to failure.

Wrong. The more we try, the higher the chances of success. Take a chance and persist. Don’t stop until you reach the outcome you wanted. Let time, failure and effort work in your favor.