How Are You Modelling Your Future?

Photo by Alex Jones

The array of objects that we surround ourselves with every day is likely higher than the number of people we’ve met throughout our entire life. As extreme as it might sound, each of us will meet on average 80,000 people throughout our entire life and as it goes for the items that we own, an average American household has around 300,000 items.

It’s easy to get anchored into the material reality and care more about the immediate dopamine spike given by a new purchase than the long term rewards, but scrolling through shopping websites leaves less time for introspection and reflection to identify those long-term goals. Shopping, replacing items and redecorating are all activities that give the illusion of achievement. The results that we see now have been seeded months or years ago. Same goes for a lack of success. A lack of success can either indicate that we are on our way to create it or that we are walking on infertile soil. How do you fertilize your life to let yourself bloom?

Surround Yourself with People You Want to Be Like

We all hang out with people in one-sided relationships through social media. Following people on different channels throughout their journey in life impacts the way we grow, the values we admire and who we will become in 5, 10 years.

We get influenced by the people we give our time to and that happens on different levels: standards of fitness and beauty, the attitude towards life and towards other people and generally if we see ourselves as beautiful or not.

All this comes hand in hand with what we consume and we pay for in time and money. A choice that we think we are making is being dictated by earlier decisions. So who do you follow? Who do you let in and how much trust do you give them? What’s your criteria to make sure that the people you give yourself to add value to your life?