Living in The Now

Photo by Mitchell Griest

One morning you will wake up knowing that someday is here. How likely is for this to happen, knowing that it takes a new way of thinking to realize that tomorrow is today and that our projections over the future are just the present moment placed on pause? Look around and desperately seek for people who are happy in the now. Chances are you will find them, but they won’t be where you expect them to be because being happy is a choice we can make at any stage of our lives.

How Do You Know You’re Growing?

Photo by Sven Mieke

Do you wake up every day and you don’t see a difference in yourself? Your ability to manage situations and to put put yourself outside of your comfort zone starts before walking out the door. It starts with the intention of doing well by the people you choose to be surrounded by.

If you wake up every morning and you don’t appreciate the day ahead of you, any work you might do, any wealth you might accumulate are pointless. If you drag your feet through life, try skipping. No one can keep a straight face and even breath when skipping. That might just be the exuberance of life that we sometimes miss, the thrill that makes our experience so special. Living with purpose begins with living with joy.

Lift Your Mood Up By Simply Trying to Be Happy

Photo by MI PHAM

Grogginess, grumpiness – not enough coffee, not enough sleep – they’re all situations and states of being you can control. Even rudeness is curable. All it takes is putting yourself in the shoes of the people you interact with the most and ask yourself – would I want to be around myself?

Do I bring joy to others? Do I bring joy in my life just through positive thinking and having an uplifting attitude?

It might sometimes be challenging to admit that your emotions are within your control, but ultimately accepting the reality allow us to change it. How do you want to live your life? Do you want to age with kindness or with an upside down smile? Do you want to be surrounded by people who have wrinkles because of the anger or because of the laughter? Whatever we choose, change begins with ourselves.

What Do Quitters Have in Common?

Photo by Marco Chilese 

No one knows their name. Millions of people who settled. Three-four generations through – no one knows their name. They’ve put their dream behind, their lives on hold and gave to someone, something that didn’t quite fulfilled them, didn’t quite ‘made them’ happy.

Before you go to sleep tonight remember your dream. Imagine who you can become. You might not know it, but your mind will know exactly what comes next to move into the right direction. Trust it. Move. Evolve. Learn. If not for generations to come, do it for you.

Give yourself that happiness that no one else can.

Quitters? Who are those?