On Homelessness & People Outside the System

What are the first impressions when we see someone on the streets?

How can I help them?

I better walk quicker.

Is their situation the result of the choices they made or that someone else made for them.

Will it be the final step in this person’s journey or a transition period?

That’s not what we picture when we see people that made the street their permanent residence. We fall into what it is called ‘pluralistic ignorance’. We choose the herd that has some power. We cling on to that. And we don’t notice people outside the system of belief, people that need help.

Why Herds Are Overrated. Time to Think is Now.

Human herds helped us get so far. We did things together: hunting, raising our children and educating them, creating values and standards, laws and boundaries.

Boundaries. A territorial expression that marks someone’s possessions – mine. We then started to grow as individuals, put up fences, shut down people, ghost our dates and feel compressed by the walls of our own limitations, whilst the herd is thriving, travelling and expanding.

But we stopped living through the herd. We want to grow individually. Let’s have a look around at the people who happen to be in our proximity. How much do we identify with them and how much space should we allow them to take in our lives?