Affirmations for HEalth Overrunning Worrying Thoughts

Photo by Ruben Hutabarat 

We all deal with uncertainty differently, but we all find it difficult. Indulging in fear and anxiety invites uncertainty. As challenging as it is, we would benefit greatly from using our imagination and inner talk in a positive way.

Mental scenarios of health can take a lot of focus. How can we imagine a reality where the immediate crisis is unknown? We start with our hopes and prayers. For a long time I doubted prayers, but I now come to understand that prayers are not favors asked, but affirmations.

Take a deep breath. A world awaits to be shaped and everything starts with calm.

What Do Quitters Have in Common?

Photo by Marco Chilese 

No one knows their name. Millions of people who settled. Three-four generations through – no one knows their name. They’ve put their dream behind, their lives on hold and gave to someone, something that didn’t quite fulfilled them, didn’t quite ‘made them’ happy.

Before you go to sleep tonight remember your dream. Imagine who you can become. You might not know it, but your mind will know exactly what comes next to move into the right direction. Trust it. Move. Evolve. Learn. If not for generations to come, do it for you.

Give yourself that happiness that no one else can.

Quitters? Who are those?