How to Build Up Joy

Photo by Kyle Ellefson

It’s not always easy to get excited about life, particularly when our wishes come second. Perhaps that’s how generations before us lived facing war and disease. Or maybe they got stronger in their quest to see another day.

Getting excited about life means taking space in this world with intention. Intending to leave our mark, not through having the world knowing our name, but by leaving a legacy of a life that’s vibrant and youthful, even when we’re tired and confused.

Building up joy starts with a giggle. A cliche, I know, but it seems like we can’t sit in anger or sadness or depression when laughing. Who would have thought that to build joy we can start with our body producing the manifestation of it. We’re still a mystery to many and we’re most definitely a mystery to ourselves.

How Do You Know You’re Growing?

Photo by Sven Mieke

Do you wake up every day and you don’t see a difference in yourself? Your ability to manage situations and to put put yourself outside of your comfort zone starts before walking out the door. It starts with the intention of doing well by the people you choose to be surrounded by.

If you wake up every morning and you don’t appreciate the day ahead of you, any work you might do, any wealth you might accumulate are pointless. If you drag your feet through life, try skipping. No one can keep a straight face and even breath when skipping. That might just be the exuberance of life that we sometimes miss, the thrill that makes our experience so special. Living with purpose begins with living with joy.

Just Tango On.

Photo by Linnea Herner

You know the little things that annoy you? The disagreements, family or company politics, doing things you don’t want to. Doing the dishes? All of them can go ahead by watching a video of people dancing and picturing myself on stage.

This is a great way to sugarcoat life and live it through what’s worth paying attention to – the things that make us vibrate with joy. What is your cure of unpleasantness? I’m sure you have many things that thrill you. Enjoy them. Don’t spend any more time on things that are hurtful. Indoors or outdoors, joy comes from within and is a state of mind.

If MOnday Still Isn’t Your Friend, It’s Time to Change That

Photo by Daniel Fazio

Mondays might have changed for some people, but the only thing that changed for me is the added stress.

For those of us who can take time off during these times willingly or imposed, this is a great opportunity to reassess where we stand and envision a life where Mondays are a reason for joy rather than despair. And instead of waiting for this dark cloud to go away and life to resume as normal, start by building yourself up.

Build an evening and morning ritual that will get you excited about the day ahead. Practice gratitude, meditate to find inner calm and put positive thoughts into the universe. Having a great day is more likely to happen if that’s the intention for the day. Let’s neutralize the negativity around Mondays and give our appreciation to time.

Lift Your Mood Up By Simply Trying to Be Happy

Photo by MI PHAM

Grogginess, grumpiness – not enough coffee, not enough sleep – they’re all situations and states of being you can control. Even rudeness is curable. All it takes is putting yourself in the shoes of the people you interact with the most and ask yourself – would I want to be around myself?

Do I bring joy to others? Do I bring joy in my life just through positive thinking and having an uplifting attitude?

It might sometimes be challenging to admit that your emotions are within your control, but ultimately accepting the reality allow us to change it. How do you want to live your life? Do you want to age with kindness or with an upside down smile? Do you want to be surrounded by people who have wrinkles because of the anger or because of the laughter? Whatever we choose, change begins with ourselves.

Success: the Everyday Decision

Photo by Adi Goldstein

How often do you review your goals? Are your everyday actions in line with what you want to achieve?

While we allow our brain to go on autopilot, it doesn’t always choose to create positive, empowering thoughts. It takes daily reminders to think forward and not to get stuck in a loop of randomly picked memories that don’t serve our purpose.

Make it a habit to plan your time in chunks rather than indigestible one year timeline. Don’t wait for a new year to think about what you can achieve and how. Life is now, live with pride and joy.