The Negativity Chain: How to Break It

Photo by Mario Purisic 

We live and act within negative and positive fields of energy. We carry both within us and we choose every second what to focus on. Each choice attracts more of the same. People who choose the positive over the negative don’t go into a time bubble with people alike though. We all mix in a smoothie of emotions. This means that we are all exposed to both energies.

How Do You Stop Perpetuating the Negative?

One thing is to not let it affect you, but what has an even greater influence is not letting a negative behavior burst over someone else. Don’t take it out on someone else. Don’t become the person who hurt you in the first place. Break the chain, be kind.

Time for Kind Thoughts, Kind Words and Kind Actions

Broke or rich? Rested or tired? Grateful or depressed? Every situation has one resource in common: time. The day will still be 24 hours long and an hour 60 minutes long. What do you do with it?

One of my personal goals is to surround myself with positive people. To do so, I have to become a positive person first. I have to be calm, calculated, understanding and also ruthless. Cut off time investments that prevent me from achieving the life I want for myself and from being the person I want to become.

How can we use time to achieve positivity?

  1. Allow time for self-growth. Good reads, podcasts, interviews, growing new habits all take time. Positive thinking takes not only positive influences, but also positive habits. Do an audit, what can you change?
  2. Set your own terms. May it be regarding business meetings or family and friends, set a time and a day when you touch base with key people in your life.
  3. Limit interactions with negative people. If there’s someone with whom you have differences or the conversation ends on a negative tone, try and limit the interactions. When you do engage with these people try and bring positivity. You might want to start in small doses.