Living Intentionally

Accidents happen all the time, but what if we choose to live our life in accident mode? We wake up dreading the day ahead of us and looking forward for the escape of sleep, just to realize that the lack of awareness while sleeping makes those intensely sought for moments insignificant. And we carry on looking for some real experiences when our most cherished present is the present moment.

The routines we build and do mindfully or mindlessly create the map for our life. It doesn’t take a fortune teller to anticipate what our life will be 10 years from now. Our life unfolds the way we see it in our mind and what we see in our mind is reflected through how we live our life. It can take extraordinary effort to love ourselves and start developing positive self-talk and beliefs of achievement that will help us overcome our condition.

Leaving our life to chance is a losing bet. It allows producers, employers, family and friends to feed off our backs, of our energy. Let’s use our creative energy to become our highest version of ourselves and go full speed in changing what we see and what we do to improve the world around us.

Honoring People for their Greatness

Photo by Patrick Brinksma

People that share our existential universe are not there by chance. They are stepping stones in our journey that fill our life with laughter, worry and excitement. They’re the people who model our existence. For this reason, we need both limited and unlimited people around us.

There is purpose in each and every one of us, but not all of us choose it. Allowing life to give us purpose also empowers the people around us to navigate through life. But regardless of the type of living – mindless or mindful – that we pick for ourselves, people come our way to teach us about life.

Whether we choose to resonate with the people limited by their beliefs or we take them as a departure point in our journey, it’s up to us. Everyone we come in contact with teaches us a lesson, we just need to listen and honor their reality.

Intentional Living

Photo by Derek Truninger

Living a life of focus is easier than you might think. It doesn’t take laser-precision focus 24/7 to know where you’re headed. It takes clearing the mind before starting the day. This can happen in the morning or in the evening before.

Setting realistic goals for the day ahead is mandatory in order to make progress in the right direction. What is an achievable task that can help your overall aim? Is it exercising for an extra 10 minutes, reading a chapter per day, doing 40 minutes work on your long-term project?

Mindful living means ownership of every single day. If you reach the end of the week or even of the day and you think to yourself ‘Where did time go?’ this might be an indication that you’re not present in your life. Awakened day feel long and diverse. Intentional awakened days give you a sense of purpose.

Living an Inspiring Life

Photo by Joshua Newton

The way we choose to live adds up to our identity. Every tiny action. Every single habit broken or unbroken, every human interaction made in good faith or deceivingly. And passive behaviors pile up in the same category.

Mindless living is the easy way out. We check out of our reality whenever is convenient and in doing that we allow people and experiences to run past us. Living escapes our time, our moment.

Mindless living is not a one time choice, but tiny decisions. Look up at the person next to you, engage in conversations that hurt and heal, fix with the risk of breaking, but live. Live.

Build What Could Be

Photo by Andrik Langfield

When we were children we would fantasize about the world of possibilities that it’s waiting on us to discover it. As time went by, we allowed ourselves to believe what everyone believes: you need to learn new skills young so you can be really good at something, your parents set you up for life, you have to play by the rules – on and on.

What happens if you reach adulthood and reality is not what you wanted it to be. Do you stop playing by your wants and start playing by other people’s beliefs? Do you recompose yourself and make a new plan ignoring all the norms? Because you should. Only you can turn could into must and it doesn’t matter how old you are – use your time to live.