The Reality of Sharing Ideas with the Inner Circle

Photo by Etienne Boulanger

If you’re passed that stage in your life when grownups look at you with empathy and tell you You can do whatever you set your mind to, you might feel like you need reassurance for every idea, big or small. But as we grow up and the reality of social norms and the expectations of fitting into the 9-5 pattern kick in, people who are emotionally invested might not be best fit to run by ideas.

You might be thinking – hang on a second, my mom, grandpa or loyal puppy have my best interest at heart. And although that might be the case, new avenues are always scary. Not just for ourselves, but for the people we care about (you can read more about limiting mindsets in the piece on How Much Can You Handle?). Being supportive of new ideas takes an openness that someone else’s judgement might also work. It also takes accepting that even if no one in the family or in the whole world dared to aim so high, that doesn’t mean that it cannot be done.

In the idea phase of a project, when our self-confidence is so fragile, why give an opportunity to nay sayers to deray us? What do we have to lose, ultimately? If it is time you are worried about, it will be time invested in learning. Money? Don’t invest what you can’t afford losing. Failure? You fail if you don’t learn anything from the experience and as a wise mind once said, if you don’t try, you fail by default.

What Really Matters in Life

Photo by Bekir Dönmez

We don’t often have the opportunity to boil down our existence to three essential things that we need. Adversity offers such an opportunity. It’s a chance to revisit decisions made a while back, decisions that became part of our identity or worse, became our identity.

What matters in life? Is it family, money, love, recognition? The need to sacrifice ourselves for the greater good? Having a walk with a loved one? As life changes, so does what matters to everyone of us. Now for many people it’s important to feel safe and to be safe. What are you willing to sacrifice to make that happen?

Spinning Guilt from Weakness to Advantage

Photo by Marko Blažević

Guilt can prevent us from making decisions that we’re not confident with 100%. Unlike doubt, if used ahead of making a decision, it can be a great tool to anticipate the internal changes that making a choice would bring.

Rather than waiting for retrospective guilt to kick in, let’s do a visualization exercise of what awaits for us on the other side of making a decision. Is it a life of joy or a life of struggle? Is it financial comfort but emotional torture? Is it financial comfort and emotional wellbeing?

We can work towards achieving everything we want in life. Yes, it’s true that everything comes at a cost, but living a full life takes time and effort. Guilt doesn’t have to be our companion. We can welcome it in and acknowledge the early signs of being off course. Let’s try and understand the signs – are they our parents’ bias, cultural limitations or is it truly us, moving away from who we want to become?

The Misconception of First Time Successes

Photo by Irina Iriser

We allow ourselves to learn through repetition so many things, but when it comes to working towards a project we hope that if we work hard enough we can get it right the first time. Some people do and many people know that they can improve on that, and yet we write and perfect one paper that we need to turn in, we plan one project, we are looking for the one good photograph.

Self-editing our work does wonders, as does completing a project more than once. I grew up in the ‘work for the grade’ mindset of the education system and I learnt how to try to live up to standards that are so high that I’m afraid to follow through with my work. If that’s you, you’ve got this!

The cost of education is not only time and money, but also attempts and errors. Make a start on that new project, commit to growing that skill, walk towards your goal. That will make you stronger, faster and more determined than ever!

Does Money Create Wealth?

Money is limited & limiting whilst wealth is limitless.

The average person thinks I just need a lot of money and everything will sort itself out. That’s not really the case. Lottery winners loose their money and parts of their sanity soon after they hit the Jackpot.

Earning money, rather than ‘winning’ money requires self-growth. It forces you to try, fail, learn, repeat until you succeed. Upskilling rather than obsessively gambling means that the reward is genuine. It is not the ‘drive to the shop, buy the ticket, check the numbers, loose’ loop of mediocrity, at best.

Upskilling also means that on the way to success you are preparing yourself for the reward, so that when it comes you don’t waste it or take it for granted. You use it to create something bigger and greater than you could have thought of at the beginning of the journey.

So does money create wealth or is wealth attracting money?