‘You Won’t Be the Same Person One Year from Now’

Photo by J-S Romeo

That’s what I was told when I started a new job. And it’s true, I wasn’t the same person one year from then. Was it due to the role? Maybe 10%, yes. But being in that place as part of my journey played a great part in what I wanted to outgrow – my limited beliefs, the power that I allow people to have on me and daring to want more and ask for it.

We hear of people traveling who are hoping that the experience will change them. Instead, they take their biases, views and assumption everywhere they go. A luggage costing them their own development. A place or a story can only touch us if we allow it. We tend to count more on other people’s views and discount the learning from simple things – people watching or observing different cultures.

What I’ve learnt is that growing is important, but the direction of growth adds more value to our life and to what we have to offer. Knowing that you won’t be the same person one year from now, tell me, what direction are you planning on growing in?

Random Act of Kindness

Photo by Sebastian Abbruzzese

Being kind doesn’t measure through the money we can dispose of for a good cause. Doing what’s right over what’s easy, giving up on something that would make your life easier and someone else’s life possible, helping without waiting to be asked. These are all traits that reflect kindness.

We all do the right thing for different reasons. Sometimes it can be for status or recognition of value, displayed altruism rather than purity of thought. I believe that every good deed contributes to making the world a better place – feeding your ego while feeding the hungry doesn’t sound all that bad to me.

Today is the Random Act of Kindness Day. Be spontaneous. Buy a sandwich and water for the rough sleepers you’ve been ignoring for years. Admit to your mistakes if you’ve hurt someone at some point. Buy a coffee for a stranger just because they look like they need it. And most importantly, be kind to yourself.

What Does Commitment Look Like?

‘If you allow external factors to dictate your circumstances and where you are in life, that’s not commitment. That’s simply not making an active choice.’

We can probably associate commitment with eliminating the ‘want-s’ and adopting the ‘must-s’ instead. That is a close enough description, but there is no reason why what we want can’t be turned into a necessary action.

You may have noticed that external factors seem to dictate more what you do in life rather than your internal desire for success. You’d more likely meet a deadline at work or graduate because your parents expected this of you, rather than pursuing your passion in life. What it takes is linking what YOU want to the thought and feeling of urgency.

A deadline you set for yourself is just as a good of a deadline – if not better – than what is imposed on you and expected of you. If you allow external factors to dictate your circumstances and where you are in life, that’s not commitment. That’s simply not making an active choice.

Not making an active choice equals allowing everyone to steal time away from you. If you’d decide to commit to something, what would it be?