Breaking Patterns of Negative Behaviours

Photo by Dil

Have you noticed that you are mid-sentence and you repeat the same thing again and again and again? It’s not for a role you’ve practiced or a conscious decision, it’s your life and that happens. While things may happen weather you are aware of them or not, the responsibility is yours and your alone. We try to find escape, guilt trap people, put others down to feel taller. But nothing works except for real growth, accountability and action. Stop that thought and teach you’re mind who’s in charge.

Is Giving Up Ever an Option?

Photo by Christopher Campbell

Most of us have given up on something at some point in our lives. Giving up is not memorable to the outer world because no one gets to see our work or hear about our initiatives. Ideas that materialize can bring value to the world around us, but ideas can also have a negative value. They can instill a feeling of self-defeat and guilt if we give up without taking a chance.

Re-framing our reality can help us pick up an initiative where we left it, follow through with it and succeed. Reviewing an old initiative through a fresh lens is enough to add to the story of creation.

‘I started this project two years ago, took a break and now I am back on it with a clearer view or a more mature mind’ or ‘I started this project two years ago and when I revisited it I realized that it wouldn’t have worked in that format. I now have a better understanding of how to improve it’.

There is the other side of the coin though, which allows self-doubt to make the call and await for perfection. Perfection is in the process. Allowing time to pass will not attract results unless we do work on ourselves and on what we are trying to accomplish. Giving up? What does that even mean?

Time for Kind Thoughts, Kind Words and Kind Actions

Broke or rich? Rested or tired? Grateful or depressed? Every situation has one resource in common: time. The day will still be 24 hours long and an hour 60 minutes long. What do you do with it?

One of my personal goals is to surround myself with positive people. To do so, I have to become a positive person first. I have to be calm, calculated, understanding and also ruthless. Cut off time investments that prevent me from achieving the life I want for myself and from being the person I want to become.

How can we use time to achieve positivity?

  1. Allow time for self-growth. Good reads, podcasts, interviews, growing new habits all take time. Positive thinking takes not only positive influences, but also positive habits. Do an audit, what can you change?
  2. Set your own terms. May it be regarding business meetings or family and friends, set a time and a day when you touch base with key people in your life.
  3. Limit interactions with negative people. If there’s someone with whom you have differences or the conversation ends on a negative tone, try and limit the interactions. When you do engage with these people try and bring positivity. You might want to start in small doses.

How to Avoid Anxiety-Provoking Online Interactions

Our attention is constantly engaged and social media can easily take a huge chunk out of it.

How to avoid other people’s negative influence?

  1. Just like in real life, be selective. Is now always easy to say no, but it does get easier with time, particularly when you realize how much more you can get from your time.
  2. Avoid the people with a negative mindset. This can happen on DM or while scrolling through the comments of a post you found inspiring. Chances are that you won’t change someone’s mind, but you might feel tension. This doesn’t work in your advantage.
  3. Turn off notifications. Allow yourself to be engaged in conversations when you’re up for it. People don’t just come over uninvited. Why would you allow them to do that through your device?

We all have our fair share of situations that we need to manage with love and grace. Preserve your energy for people you love or actually care about. Loving others is so much easier when you get love in return.