Today Is Tomorrow

Photo by Gabrielle Henderson

One day at a time, you can achieve incredible results. What’s your goal? Your bigger picture? What steps would it take you there? Then focus on the tasks. A six month project might look scary or unachievable if you are focusing on just how scary it is. Keep your mind in check and do the work. You will soon see that your efforts are paying off.

What We Have

We are often denying that our life is worth it as it is. That our awakening into wanting more from the future needs to come from the present moment, in the present. It is our thoughts that give us everything we have. Ownership of our own life can only happen now.

‘We Are Unfinished Human BEings’

Photo by Sheldon Liu

In her bestseller book called ‘Mindset’, Dr Carol S. Dweck is committed to teaching the growth mindset. Naming humans ‘unfinished human beings’ really made me aware of what a fix mindset is about: thinking that with a degree, a place in the society, a family and a good job we are ‘settled’. We no longer need to work for things, we’ve reached our final state. Wrong.

A fix mindset keeps us prisoners to the past when the world around us is ever evolving.

It’s always striking to hear people speaking about not their wish of not having to work when the alternative brings depression and lack of self-belief. Living life with eagerness – eager to make mistakes, to learn, to move forward – is what allows us to stand out and bring value to the world.

Knowing Yourself Takes Time

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters

We grow up into jobs and assume that we’re well and happy. We rely on our status and self-image and the more we do so, we fall apart with who we are. Just like an old friend that we haven’t seen for ages, the disconnect with ourselves is real.

We are in continuous change, as we should be. Our taste buds are changing, our bodies, mind, understanding of the world. Sometimes people feel like the age they were at when they graduated from university, got married or had their child. I believe this reflects the connection that exists between us and the present moment at those times that we see as decisive moments in our lives and they probably are.

Setting goals that mean as much to us as landmarks of life mean to society can be done. What is your next big thing? Even better, what is your first big thing? What is something that’s worth putting your time, energy and money on the line. Get to know yourself now – not just the parent, the graduate, the employee. You you – in the present moment. The world is as big as we perceive it. Think big.

Cut Yourself Some Slack

Photo by Randalyn Hill

Being forgiving allows you to grow and learn from your mistakes. It’s important however to keep clean from walking the same path again and again, but procrastination is addictive and so is doing everything but being productive.

What can you do?

  1. Feel the guild and use it to make a change
  2. Decide what ‘change’ looks like
  3. Draft a plan – ideally, a daily plan

This allows you to take over control and build up the discipline for developing healthy habits. Start with short pomodoros to get a feel for achievement. Plant the initial seeds with care before moving on to the next step. Make sure that you’re awareness is in the now and that you understand your focus. Every day counts towards achieving success.

Working Towards Your Dreams

This is a gentle reminder to get regain your focus. I use it as an opportunity for myself to look at what I’ve accomplished so far and where I am headed. What makes today so special is the same as what makes every day special: we are moving.

Like it or not, life is continuous motion. Non-action means that we don’t control the direction of our course. Non-action means a static life for us and us alone, while everything around us evolves. Get in sync. Live in the now and pave your road to success.