The Sky Can Be as Blue as We Make It

Photo by Annie Spratt

‘Today is going to be a great day’ prepares our brain to capture and amplify all the events that would make a great day. Instead focusing on someone being rather rude, focus on the person who treated you well. Instead of thinking of the time you’ve let slide and putting yourself down for it, focus on what you’ve achieved.

A clear blue sky can only stay up if we follow through with processes of seeing the bright side of things, focusing on solutions rather than problems, being kind and well-intended.

What turns a grey-blue sky into a clear blue sky for you? Is it spending quality time, increased productivity, giving and receiving? I’d love to hear from you!

Forcing Yourself to Listen

Photo by Ed Leszczynskl

The default mode of our brains to generate thoughts that seem more interesting than the present moment robs us from the present moment. This can happen due to lack of sleep or energy, or just out of habit. Everything has a fix, while the first two can be addressed through lifestyle choices (exercising, diet, sleep), habit creation requires more effort.

Benefits of listening

  • you’ll feel knowledgeable, you’ll have an insight into another person’s thought process that otherwise is challenging to grasp
  • helps connecting and building relationships
  • it reveals assumptions and validates perceptions
  • it challenges our mind into thinking differently

The reality is as diverse as the number of minds and heart populating it. Listening to languages we understanding and beyond that will give us more and more information about the world. Listening is much more valuable than talking. Listening allows strategies to form, while talking gifts information to others.

Positive Self-Talk

Photo by Jamie Brown

You know all those negative thoughts racing through your mind? It’s time to put a stop to that. Particularly in the current climate where The Negative is feeding so many industries that are inflicting pain on us, it’s time to stop.

Replacing the negative self-talk with kindness doesn’t happen through the switch of a button, but it is possible. It firstly takes identifying that thought – I’m in trouble, I can’t make it, this is too much etc and then replacing the thought with it’s positive spin. This needs to happen repeatedly before coming close to an automatic reflex.

Every positive thought that we put into the universe and we help ourselves with is progress. When we are constantly told to be anxious, get angry and harm ourselves just through being stresses, we need to step away and rebuild our reality. Panic harms our ability to react rationally and it eliminates chemicals that damage our body. Let’s check in with ourselves and now more than ever practice positive self-talk.

How to Go Through the Hard Bits and Reach Where You Want in Life

Photo by roya ann miller

Our memory serves us well, but our ability to turn around our reality is not always used in our advantage. Fictional negative scenarios are tempting to indulge in, but we attract what we think so why not envision life as you want it?

Changing our perception on things helps bringing in the reality that we want. Then the ‘hard bits in life’ become secondary to the light that we create.

Leave your trace and make it bright.

Not Having a Definite Color.

The conditions of a solitary bird are five:

The first, that it flies to the highest point;

the second, that it does not suffer for company, not even of its own kind;

the third, that it aims its beak to the skies;

the fourth, that it does not have a definite color (…)

Carlos Castaneda

Does having a fixed mindset come with more power? Not really. It comes with stronger beliefs that can be challenging to shatter. Having a ‘definite color’ means stagnating in a state of being that oftentimes is the result of other people’s beliefs.

How do we decide when we’ve reached the maximum point of self-growth?

For the average person – when they’re comfortable. And being comfortable means different things for different people.

For the seeker of meaning and the giver of kindness – never. Color changes as does perception. Being less ‘right’ doesn’t make us less of a person, but more of a human. It’s living life through different filters of thinking and of experiencing that gives us all the colors in the universe.

Stop. Think. Act.

‘Let’s just stop and think for a second’ says Alex in the middle of an intense conversation. Was Alex being rude or were they being helpful?

Firstly, only Alex can know the intention behind the words, but what can Alex’s counterpart take from this breather sentence?

a. ‘Are you saying I’m not thinking?’ (aka. you belittle me)

b. ‘Are you saying I should pause and think?’ (aka. I was mindlessly going through life, maybe…I should stop and think.)

There is only that much that people around us can do to help or to digress us from the path of our ‘wants’ and ‘needs’. There are infinitely more options within us. Clinging onto negatives or acting on the positives is just a brief way of putting it.

Through all intricacies of life, stop and think. Action might become more evident if we do that for a second.