Stressed and Confused? Only You Can Change That

Photo by Zahari Dimitrov

Does the influx of unwanted information start to take over your life? Are you trapped between worry, stress and uncertainty? Stop. Take a deep breath. Clear your thoughts. We are all faced with a choice.

As comfortable as the victim mindset makes us feel, it’s detrimental to our wellbeing. So then what can we do? If we’d see the wave coming we most likely won’t run towards it. Similarly, facing the avalanche of bad news and misinformation, what makes us think that being swamped by negativity will have the opposite effect: positivity, regeneration and growth?

To regain calm we need to anchor ourselves into a reality that we can work towards. We can envision health and prosperity and even if these ideas are being challenged at the moment, what projecting misery achieves is only making room for misery.

We may not be able to change the world around us, but we can change the world we build and we project. Let’s make the world shine with the beauty of our thoughts and the strength of our emotions.

How to Go Through the Hard Bits and Reach Where You Want in Life

Photo by roya ann miller

Our memory serves us well, but our ability to turn around our reality is not always used in our advantage. Fictional negative scenarios are tempting to indulge in, but we attract what we think so why not envision life as you want it?

Changing our perception on things helps bringing in the reality that we want. Then the ‘hard bits in life’ become secondary to the light that we create.

Leave your trace and make it bright.