Preparing for the Best to Come

Photo by Nathan Dumlao

Success is attainable through deliberate effort. This means not wishing for it, but planning for it. It all starts with what we have to offer and that doesn’t really mean a degree or a letter of recommendation. It simply refers to what skills we have that can be of use to others.

Preparing for success is a mixture of discipline, training and having a clear focus. Superior characteristics are not inborn, but acquired throughout life. Building ourselves up for success comes with superpowers, such as saying no to the easy and yes to delaying gratification.

The best to come is the best of us that has ever existed. We sometimes look around us and see people who haven’t moved an inch from where they were a year ago – not in their beliefs, not in their personal interests. That is what instant gratification looks like in the long-term. Where do you want to go and what can you do every single day that will help you progress?

Dream High and Make it Happen

Photo by Andrey Larin

Events are as important as what we make of them. It may be anniversaries, paydays or waking up every morning, none of it matters unless we believe and make it so.

But while there are events that come naturally every year, the events that we can make happen take a lot of work. Weddings for instance are a great example of a long-term project, the processes involved and everything being displayed into one grand ceremony. It is similar with the launch of a product or a service, but we often don’t see that as an alternative to obeying the 9-5 and we’re thinking that other people have more … (fill in the blank) at their disposal to make it happen. Well, think again. If you have time to plan a wedding in parallel with a 9-5 job, which surprisingly many people do, what’s stopping you from following your dream?

Not Knowing Is Okay

Photo by Volodymyr Hryshchenko

I heard somewhere that it’s okay to not know, what matters is to know where you can find the information.

When it comes to our health, not knowing is still okay, but counting on other people to know when needed and allowing ourselves to be let down by systems and processes is not okay. Taking control of what we don’t know and looking at filling in the gaps of knowledge to serve ourselves and others is what really drives progress.

Seeing progress as a worldwide process without thinking that we can be a driving force minimizes our potential. People with degrees who are dropping in pre-defined roles and life templates are not failing themselves and others deliberately. The world seems to have settled into a long blink and when opening the eyes decades letter we realize that things have changed, that we have changes, but we allowed hierarchy to discipline us over natural progress.

Not knowing is okay and embracing the knowledge gap to drive progress is more than okay, is a necessity.