Yesterday. No Longer You

Photo by Daniel Olah

Change happens in an instant, what takes time is the process leading to it. And even though we might not know it, internal processes are always in action, shifting our behaviors gradually, in line with our beliefs.

Here’s the irony: who you were is not who you are. Every day starts with a new challenge that shapes a part of you. The decisions on how to react, if we settle acting within our limitations or if we choose to educate ourselves and grow, the decision of being a better person or not, they all account for who we are, in the present moment.

You are shaping today and everyday who you are going to become and becoming never stops.

Controlling Our Brain Takes Sustained Effort

Photo by JR Korpa

Our brain takes 1 out of 4 breaths in a newborn to develop. It then needs constant stimulation and engagement. Things that seem difficult to understand crystallize after a number of attempts and we then realize that very little is out of human understanding.

After relying on our brain to carry us around and to do represent our best interest, it might come as a surprise that it has a mind of its own. Being intentional is what makes our brain align with our wants. Ever since we are toddlers we input information that dictates our reactions.

Without reviewing old data and refreshing it, or just delete it altogether and then replacing it with accurate information, we will stay in the past and run on directions that our parents thought at the time to be accurate. Imagine if every generations just carries on doing what the previous generation did. Would then the world truly evolve?