Day 3: Breaking Down Goals

Stressing out about falling behind is not going to get things done. Instead, breaking down our goals into chunks, if it is even one task a day, will help us get things moving and gain momentum.

My focus for the day is to identify my top three priorities and do SOMETHING that will move things forward.

Day 3 started under the influence of Day 2, with a 5AM start instead of 4AM. But my challenge is still very much on. Let’s see where we are in 27 days.

Day 1: Making the Most Out of the Time We’ve Got

Have you ever noticed how time seems to vanish? The time between Mondays and Fridays, or just between the beginning of summer and the end of it. Although it might feel like there is nothing in between, there is. If anything, your bills are a constant reminder that something did happen. I would call though those anchor moments, moments of awareness. When something so powerful is happening to you that it shakes you off a loop of habitual living, of mindlessly just getting by. Those moments of awareness are your time to make decisions.

The best decision one can make is to create more moments of being here, now, 100%. You don’t have to make radical changes in your life unless you want to, but living life responsibly means more than just staying in your own corner and hoping not to do anything out of sync with the rest of the world. It means that you have responsibility towards yourself, the people in your life, all beings on Earth, our very own planet, the Universe, everyone is keeping you accountable to MAKE EVERY MOMENT MATTER. Because, guess what? It does.

Believe in Yourself: More than Just a Myth

Photo by Jay Mantri 

Have you ever fantasized over someone who comes and recognizes your value and lifts above the crowd? That’s pretty much the typical hero – victim deadly duo. Being a hero means seeing people as needy, while being a victim implies waiting on someone else to take action for you. Self-belief has nothing to do with other people. It’s not about waiting around to save or be saved. It’s about being your best self, which is what any negative self-talk makes it impossible to achieve.

Get Positive Influences in Your Life

Photo by Olga O

Being selective with the people we let into our life it’s the first gift you can give to yourself. People making you feel small or needy will never evolve, and for that reason they will never allow you to grow. We are more mindful about the influences that children are exposed to than we are about our own circle of influence, but in reality we are just as vulnerable. Once we trust someone, we unfortunately can easily allow them to override our views.

Make a Start

Photo by Lucian Alexe

We’ve all heard the saying you got to start somewhere, to which I would add starting is better than overthinking where you start. Time spent not taking action is time wasted which might not mean much in the grand scheme of things, but you’ll probably look back at the hesitation laughing at yourself. Nothing is permanent. You can only improve once you have something to work with.

The Courage to Try

Photo by Franck V

Do you ever beat yourself up before even attempting to do something new? And what does that do to your self-esteem? The ‘what if’ mindset has been passed on to us with love, but putting worse case scenario first takes away our focus from what we want to achieve. If you hear yourself wondering what if, be grateful and push forward. This means you’re walking unexplored land that guarantees growth and with enough effort, success.