Embracing Who You Are

Photo by Kazuky Akayashi 

You want to get ahead. We all do. You are doing more than most people though, you are taking action. That’s great! Envisioning where you want to be plays a huge part of getting there. But take a good look at yourself and accept and embrace who you are in this very moment. Accepting and loving who you are in the now will allow you to build yourself up.

Getting Our Expectations Met

Photo by Zoltan Tasi 

Why can’t we seem to be able to overcome our conditioning? It may be our laziness, tendency of judging other people or our attitude towards money. We come into this world untouched by the world of ideas and biases, but by the time we realize that we can think for ourselves many of us agree to what has been fed to us. What we hear at an early age is limited by our exposure to people. We will most likely be around family and people in the community, maybe some mainstream tv that feeds the narrative of the masses. If you’re looking around you and you see people placed in different bodies with similar identities – it’s not an illusion, it’s what happens when we stop growing.

Being poor and staying poor is a puzzle that not many of us can understand. But the discourse of consumption is so dominant that it leaves no room for thinking that we can be on the producer’s side. What we ask of ourselves is what we get and for that reason, we need to be truthful to our dreams and expectations of ourselves.

Setting our expectations high will allow us to reach there. If we can’t see the finish line with our mind’s eye, we won’t get there. Meeting our expectations of ourselves means asking enough of ourselves to push us forward and to believe possible. But if we were kept in a state of passive living, it may take a big leap of believing in ourselves that will allow us to be pleasantly surprised by our unexplored potential.

Are You Standing Between Yourself and Success?

Photo by Marcos Paulo Prado

We are the only people who can push ourselves towards success, failure, or just passivity in life. Do you ever worry about achieving something even though you haven’t even made a start yet on our project? You might instinctively think that this ‘long-term planning’ is beneficial, that you should plan for the worse and so on. But planning for the worse gives us a sense of what the future can look like in a negative light.

The main thing to note when you get sidetracked by your own thoughts, worries, doubts and second thoughts is that this time is taken out of action time. Action gets us closer to results. Doubt is the stranger disguised with friendly intentions when in fact just wants to rob you from your dreams. Stay focused. Ultimately, everything that matters is what action you take and time to act is now.

Does Fear Really Keep Us Safe?

Photo by Marina Vitale

We rely on our instincts without processing most of the times that we are doing so. This may be when crossing the street, choosing to avoid people or phone someone on our way home because we are feeling unsafe. There are occasions when we are getting mixed signals and despite everything being in place, anxiety creeps in and takes over.

In the animal kingdom, when predators smell fear they are more enticed to chase up their pray. What makes us think that humans are not the same? Showing confidence in our bodies not only gives us a sense of security, but it gives us power over people who are looking to take advantage of the vulnerable.

Fear works to a certain degree, when the reactions it generates do work in our favor, in the moment. But when we are projecting over the future and we choose fear over the light we can build ourselves towards, we are letting ourselves down. It may sometimes depend on a sharper walk, therapy sessions, martial arts or meditation. Whatever it is, taking action means taking control.

Taking Action – The Easy Cure for Procrastination

Photo by Avel Chuklanov

‘This isn’t the right time’

‘I am not ready’

‘I am not smart enough’

Some of the gems from my self-doubt collection had too long of a life within me. Then we hear stories of people who lost everything and build themselves up from the ashes.

The thing is, we don’t have to wait until we lose everything. We don’t need to be victims to become heroes.

We don’t need to be robbed from our possessions to stand up for ourselves and for what we believe.

Time to change is now.

‘This is my time’

‘I am ready’

‘I am smart enough’

Give Yourself Time to Work Towards Your Goals

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo

We receive instant gratification fairly easily in the world we live – may it be through social media, new purchases that attract compliments, changes that we make on ourselves which are money dependent and so on.

Working towards a goal can be quite daunting particularly if you don’t have an audience to test it on and receive small words of encouragement. So it has to be something else that motivates you to push through. What I’ve discovered with my own work is receiving a feeling of progress being made.

It’s up to you how you decide to mark progress, but be kind to yourself in the process. A poor quality piece of work is progress. Is the intention and the action of working towards your goal. Having an initial draft or prototype is a major step forward. We find it easier to criticize existing work than to start something from the scratch. The start doesn’t have to be perfect. Remember, you are lying bricks that through persistence can gain shape and give shelter. But you have to start by having the raw materials first.