The One Thing We Can’t Claim Back – Time

Photo by Matthew Huang

Time off in lieu is a concept that can trick us into thinking that when we invest our time into something, we can then back time. This might be doable as part of the workweek convention, but let us not be fooled that time can be claimed back. Time is the only universal currency that we trade at any given time and it’s the one area in which we are all equal.

We created a category of time unaccounted for called leisure time or free time. ‘Free’ time is as valuable as we make it. If we use it to up the quality of our lives by bringing value and growing, every minute of our life can add to a positive balance. When we give our time to consuming the hyperrealities portrayed by Netflix, television, social media, celebrity personas and so on, we trade our time and even then, it’s not free. We pay money to spend time and the effect that these activities have on us and our evolution is negative. Good night sleep versus going out drinking? One good deal over a bad deal.

All time is accounted for in the grand scheme of things, even though we might not always keep track of it. So whenever we look at people making more money than us or pursuing their dreams, we must remember that they are simply making a better time trade. They choose to create, rather than consume. And once you add value, you not only get rewarded financially, but the impact on your on growth will be positive.

What’s Your Goal for the Weekend?

Photo by Ethan Hoover

Ready to breath the relief of the weekend? It took me a while to realize that I get as much of the weekend as I am awake and productive. If we think of the weekend as a recharge and energize experience for the week ahead, we are limiting our growth. Working Monday to Friday in a sometimes repetitive role handicaps us, shatters our dreams and reinforces limitations. But applying discipline over the weekend to achieve whatever it is we set our mind to might actually make us feel more lively and in charge of our own lives than any amounts of sleep and lazing around.

What we need is what we tell ourselves that we need. If we think we need comfort food when things are not working out or 48 hours to ‘recharge’ by doing nothing, we will waste years of hour lives. Living is personal to each one of us, unless we adhere to codes that inhibit our growth and make us settle for less. These social constructs make us act the same way as the majority and unless there is a bored to death and wait for things to happen competition, chances are we are nowhere near succeeding at building a life of our own. Make your choice of how you want to live your life.

Forcing Yourself to Listen

Photo by Ed Leszczynskl

The default mode of our brains to generate thoughts that seem more interesting than the present moment robs us from the present moment. This can happen due to lack of sleep or energy, or just out of habit. Everything has a fix, while the first two can be addressed through lifestyle choices (exercising, diet, sleep), habit creation requires more effort.

Benefits of listening

  • you’ll feel knowledgeable, you’ll have an insight into another person’s thought process that otherwise is challenging to grasp
  • helps connecting and building relationships
  • it reveals assumptions and validates perceptions
  • it challenges our mind into thinking differently

The reality is as diverse as the number of minds and heart populating it. Listening to languages we understanding and beyond that will give us more and more information about the world. Listening is much more valuable than talking. Listening allows strategies to form, while talking gifts information to others.