What Does Bringing Value Really Mean?

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon

You might have heard from different sources about the concept of bringing value. I know when I first heard about it I thought – that’s just a fancy way for rich people to justify making money. But is there actual value in bringing value through our actions?

Value starts with caring. You might care about your parents who can’t find online classes suitable for their group category, your toddler whose needs are not being met by your local nursery, the planet, people in poverty, women and access to sanitary products, ideas of masculinity that inhibit men’s behaviors and the list goes on and on. Needless to say, we as a global community didn’t get many things right. And that’s great, pain means there’s a need for change and an opportunity for us to make it happen.

Witnessing a lack can get your solution oriented mind working and your creativity beaming. When we create for profit or non-profit projects that before any monetary value they create social value, that’s where our legacy begins. Know that value is always linked with action. Waiting for things to happen doesn’t produce results.

How Relationships CAn Prevent Us From Taking Risks

Photo by Austin Neill

Our identity is more complex than we might perceive it. It has to do with our cultural capital – where we are coming from culturally, our family and upbringing – and also with how we and other people perceive us. How others perceive us influences how we think and feel about ourselves. If someone tells us ‘You are always so brave’ or ‘You should try harder’ will have a deep influence on how we think about ourselves, particularly if we trust that person.

This leads to how relationships keep us in check in terms of who we are. Our life trajectory can be studying law and working in counter-fraud. We would have built a great part of the relationships as part of our professional identity. This might not go hand in hand with playing a leading part in a musical theatre and dropping everything for a different avenue.

We sometimes build arguments whenever we tell people that our interests are not limited to what the outside world knew about ourselves ‘on paper’ or when our decisions might not be approved in the eyes of the plenty. It’s time to acknowledge that we are the ones that have to be at ease with the decisions we made before going to sleep at night and that relationships go both ways: limiting our beliefs and empowering us. Try to find the right people to keep in your life, rather than the right thing to say to people who happen to be part of your journey.

Society: Responsibility and Privileges

There are plenty of benefits when it comes to belonging to a community, may it be related to feelings of belonging, financial security, police on the streets and feeling safe or access to health support – they all compound what a normal life looks like.

These elements are not a given. They are made possible by people who took responsibility and built the privilege of our now normal. But there is always room for improvement and for adapting the system to our needs. Even taking small action, such as recycling or drawing attention to local issues, turns the monster into a personalizable machine that does what it’s told.

Throughout my teenage years I came to view society as a blood-sucking leech. It took a lot of self-improvement to understand that the system we are a part of are our partial reflection. Live the privilege, take the responsibility. Rebuild society until it resembles to something positive you recognise within yourself.