Aiming to Create rather than Destroy

Photo by Ethan Hoover 

Travelling, eating good food, having a good time… all these are goals that we can easily relate to. But everything comes at a cost and the financial aspect comes second when we realize that time invested in these activities take away from the time that we could be spending growing and impacting the world. So next time you’re laying in bed, feeling bored, remember that this very second is all you’ve got. We only live in the present moment, yet our actions accumulate and create long-lasting impact – either positively or negatively. Not choosing is not an option. What’s your aim?

Entitlement as a Self-Sabotage Technique

Photo by Stephen Blenman

Expecting things to come our way without putting in the work is entitlement. Although it can work in our favor for a little while or as long as we don’t leave our nest, this attitude gives us the impression of growth. It makes us fantasize in thinking that we are of superior race.

Entitlement goes hand in hand with hard work and with discipline. Doing what’s easy doesn’t require discipline, pushing ourselves to evolve does. How do we fix ourselves?

  1. Learn humbleness, not humility. Be humble and modest, bow in front of people who have endurance, who went through hardship, who are different. Learn empathy. Learn that your soul’s journey is in tandem with millions of other energies. Be humble.
  2. Set your goal high and work towards it. Don’t settle for whatever comes your way or what you can get at a snap. To play a big part you have to match the requirements. Train for it, study, learn, evolve.

What do you think the third ‘fixing ourselves’ tip should be?