The Courage to Try

Photo by Franck V

Do you ever beat yourself up before even attempting to do something new? And what does that do to your self-esteem? The ‘what if’ mindset has been passed on to us with love, but putting worse case scenario first takes away our focus from what we want to achieve. If you hear yourself wondering what if, be grateful and push forward. This means you’re walking unexplored land that guarantees growth and with enough effort, success.

Guilty of Trying?

It’s quite interesting to listen to people’s regrets. Some are from the age of 20 or before. After having lived a few decades we seem to miss out an important part which is – – The Rest of Our Lives!

We somehow take our twenties for granted but the rest isn’t promised. It might have to do with a better understanding of how quickly circumstances can change. But if that’s the case, how come we choose to live comfortably and miserably?

The 100 Perspective

How much would you want to achieve if you would know that you can live up until the age of 100 years old? You could try something new more than once and then quit, or think ‘I’m too old for that’. You would give yourself the time not just to fail, but to actually succeed.