Believe in Yourself: More than Just a Myth

Photo by Jay Mantri 

Have you ever fantasized over someone who comes and recognizes your value and lifts above the crowd? That’s pretty much the typical hero – victim deadly duo. Being a hero means seeing people as needy, while being a victim implies waiting on someone else to take action for you. Self-belief has nothing to do with other people. It’s not about waiting around to save or be saved. It’s about being your best self, which is what any negative self-talk makes it impossible to achieve.

Taking Responsibility for Our Life

Photo by Nicholas Ng 

Taking responsibility and ‘taking the blame’ are two different things. Responsibility requires action, a response to circumstances that facilitates growth. Blame is passive. As much as certain people think that they benefit from it by maintaining their public image, blame doesn’t serve anyone. Blame hinders the self-esteem, while responsibility builds integrity and a feeling of self-worth.

How does this apply to how we approach life? Responsibility plays a great role in our perception over the world and we need to discipline our mind to be able to use its power. It really means that victimisation is not an option and that dreadful feeling of failure gets spun into success by avoiding blame and focusing on the solution.

This is a superpower that can turn our life from a passive experience into a dynamic search of solutions. The great thing about it is that taking responsibility is a choice that you and I can make to help ourselves stay focused and in control of our life.

Growing Your Inner Power

Photo by Joshua Earle

As much as we hold back from admitting it, power is deeply linked to our identity. It’s not an external force governing our life. Growing our inner power determines how others will use their power on us. This understanding of power steers us away from the passivity of being and the victim mindset that ‘others’ have ‘the’ power.

We don’t naturally speak about power over lunch, unless it appears in a form that affects us to such a degree that we can’t look away. It can be arguing over a parking spot or paying taxes. It can be that we want pasta for dinner while our partner wants rice. Regardless of the elements in place, power is the talk of the town when there is an imbalance.

Cultivating our inner power and influence is not something that should be put on hold. Our power is what moves the fallen trees out of our path so that we can move forward, grow and tackle any injustice from a position of equality. It’s up to us to build ourselves up before it’s too late.