How Decisions Dictate Our Actions

Photo by Miguel Bruna

If we decide to be successful or come up with a plan and don’t implement it, we can be tricked into thinking that decisions and actions have little to do with each other. However, making the decision of planning and the decision of implementing the plan are two different things. They are both actions, which is a positive, but plans are probably only useful in jobs where we are in for the hours and the ‘free time’ weekend reward – meaning, we couldn’t care less.

Not caring is not something that we can switch on and off as we please. Not at first. If we are in the mindset of making tasks appear like that they’ve been dealt with, postponing deadlines and dragging our feet around, that’s a setback that requires a huge shift. If you are an entrepreneur ‘after hours’ and are still in a job to support you while you are taking your business of the ground, you’d be impressed to hear that you have the ability to deliver high quality of work throughout the entire day.

You have the power to change into a person that gets things done without being conditioned by the threat of a deadline or rewards. That’s an attitude that we need to take into each area of our life – finances, relationships, health. Decide to care at every single level and you will experience impressive growth. You will master the power of decision.

Does Money Create Wealth?

Money is limited & limiting whilst wealth is limitless.

The average person thinks I just need a lot of money and everything will sort itself out. That’s not really the case. Lottery winners loose their money and parts of their sanity soon after they hit the Jackpot.

Earning money, rather than ‘winning’ money requires self-growth. It forces you to try, fail, learn, repeat until you succeed. Upskilling rather than obsessively gambling means that the reward is genuine. It is not the ‘drive to the shop, buy the ticket, check the numbers, loose’ loop of mediocrity, at best.

Upskilling also means that on the way to success you are preparing yourself for the reward, so that when it comes you don’t waste it or take it for granted. You use it to create something bigger and greater than you could have thought of at the beginning of the journey.

So does money create wealth or is wealth attracting money?