Disconnect. What They Want You to Be and Who You Are.

Being raised by fellow humans comes at a great risk. It involves having personal beliefs projected on the human cub, from sex and politics to religion and gender standards. This ultimately means that parents, teachers and any influencers raise you rather than allowing you to grow and that the society ‘they’ adhere to builds you up to ‘fit in’. This leaves little room for self-discovery.

What if they make assumptions about yourself that are so far off that you can’t play the part you were given, what then? Where do YOU come in and at what cost?

Questioning beliefs gives you personal power and it weighs more than any external factors. How you see yourself might not be how people around you who have imposed false expectations on you perceive you and that’s okay.

What’s on You

It’s easy to fill in the template that was set up for you by generations before. Gender norms, perceptions of sexuality and relationships. We can only change the present and work towards a future that works towards rising the capability of what humans can do. We can only change ourselves and the world will follow.

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On a journey to overcome self-imposed limitations.

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