The Mind Shifting Practice of Gratitude

Gratitude is a trick that goes a long way. It takes moving the emphasis from lack to abundance. The scarcity mindset is inherited from generations before, thus being part of our deep level of programming which makes us alert when we’re low on rice, money, attention – anything that we account for. So much so that we completely ignore the rest of 90% which we have in abundance.

We can break down our lives on different areas – health, wealth, relationships, self-growth and relationship with self, wellbeing etc. We have areas that are doing better than others. What gratitude does is shifting our view in all areas of life, including the ones where we feel that we are underperforming.

Thoughts like – ‘I hope I’ll get better’ change to ‘I’m grateful for health’. One health issue doesn’t mean that our entire health is lacking and by being grateful for abundance in health, we set our subconscious to put resources in place and facilitate healing.

I recently started keeping a journal where I write five things that I’m grateful for every day. It can be something small that happened or general aspects of life. This moves our focus to the generous aspects of life and makes the law of attraction work in our benefit.

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On a journey to overcome self-imposed limitations.

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