Honoring People for their Greatness

Photo by Patrick Brinksma

People that share our existential universe are not there by chance. They are stepping stones in our journey that fill our life with laughter, worry and excitement. They’re the people who model our existence. For this reason, we need both limited and unlimited people around us.

There is purpose in each and every one of us, but not all of us choose it. Allowing life to give us purpose also empowers the people around us to navigate through life. But regardless of the type of living – mindless or mindful – that we pick for ourselves, people come our way to teach us about life.

Whether we choose to resonate with the people limited by their beliefs or we take them as a departure point in our journey, it’s up to us. Everyone we come in contact with teaches us a lesson, we just need to listen and honor their reality.

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On a journey to overcome self-imposed limitations.

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